Brinant Security: Keeping You Safe in Pretoria and Gauteng

Introduction: When it comes to keeping your property and loved ones safe, you need a reliable and trustworthy security company. Brinant Security is a leading security company Pretoria, Gauteng, offering a range of comprehensive security services to both residential and commercial clients.

Armed Response:

Brinant Security provides rapid response times to alarm activations, ensuring that their clients receive the assistance they need in a timely manner. Their armed response service includes:

  • Highly trained armed response officers
  • Quick response times to alarm activations
  • Effective communication with clients and emergency services

Alarm Systems:

Brinant Security offers state-of-the-art alarm systems to help deter criminals and protect your property. Their alarm system service includes:

  • Customized alarm systems to meet clients’ unique needs
  • Expert installation by certified technicians
  • 24/7 monitoring and support

Guarding Services:

Brinant Security’s guarding services provide a visible presence and 24/7 protection. Their guarding service includes:

  • Highly trained security officers
  • Regular patrols and perimeter checks
  • Access control and visitor management

24/7 CCTV & Off-Site Monitoring:

In addition to physical security services, Brinant also offers advanced technological solutions such as 24/7 CCTV and off-site monitoring. This service includes:

  • High-quality CCTV cameras and equipment
  • Remote monitoring and real-time alerts
  • Customized solutions to meet clients’ unique needs

Armed Escorts:

For clients who require extra protection, Brinant Security offers armed escorts for VIPs and valuable cargo. Their armed escort service includes:

  • Highly trained armed escorts
  • Secure transportation for VIPs and valuable cargo
  • Effective communication with clients and emergency services

Anti-Land Invasion & Riot Control:

Brinant Security’s anti-land invasion and riot control services provide further protection against potential threats. This service includes:

  • Highly trained security officers equipped with specialized gear
  • Quick response times to potential threats
  • Effective crowd control and management


As a reputable security company in Pretoria and Gauteng, Brinant Security takes their clients’ safety seriously. They provide customized security solutions to meet each client’s unique needs and ensure that they have peace of mind knowing their property and loved ones are protected. Whether you’re a residential or commercial client, you can trust Brinant Security to keep you safe.