Saeco Steel SE200

Created to satisfy every professional requirement, this super-efficient machine can prepare four cups simultaneously and up to 300 cups of coffee per hour. Coffee preparation takes about 25-30 seconds. The SE200 is equipped with electronic pre-brewing and electronic adjustable servings. It’s high-quality technology at its best, suited for coffee shops, bars, canteens, hotels and restaurants.


Caters for

Drink variation


More Details

  • Autonomously pre-heated brewing and adjustable temperature maintains the perfect temperature for coffee beans
  • Double pre-brewing system – mechanical only or mechanical and electronic
  • Top boiler capacity – one of the highest available
  • Main switch with 3 positions: full power, reduced power and energy saving mode for electronic heating
  • Teflon-coated volumetric meter and cold nozzle with T.E.A treatment to prevent lime scale.
  • Coffee pod kits: single and double
  • Pressure switch adjustment keeps boiler pressure constant
  • Four coffee spouts dispense one or two cups of coffee
  • All functions can be programmed using keypad
  • The Saeco Steel SE200 is designed for
  • Pressure gauge for boiler and pump.
  • Stainless steel articulated hot water and steam wand.